In some circumstances, we may exempt chemical products from the possession and supply offences of the Agvet Code. We consider the circumstances in which we will exercise these powers on a case-by-case basis, having regard to the objectives of the Agvet Code and State and Territory control-of-use provisions. Exemptions are only granted for a specified period and may be subject to certain conditions being met.

Products subject to an exemption cannot be advertised.?Chemical products that are exempted from the possession and supply offences of the Agvet Code are not registered chemical products and it is an offence under the Agvet Code to advertise chemical products that are not registered chemical products. For these reasons exemptions are generally considered as interim solutions only while other arrangements are being effected.

We will not consider granting an exemption if we believe that the safety criteria will not be met.

Exemptions are current for the following products and classes of products:

  • citronella candles and sticks
  • stockfood in certain circumstances
  • silver in certain circumstances.

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