Online services update

We are continually improving and enhancing our online systems to meet the needs of the people who use them. We welcome your feedback.

Enhancements and new features

Online services portal changes for new applications

As of October 2018, the application for a manufacturing licence for veterinary chemical products is now accepted via the online services portal. The previous Microsoft Word based form has been removed and can no longer be used to apply for a veterinary chemical product manufacturing licence. New users will need to complete an online system new user form. Applicants must start the application process via the decision tree, receive a decision tree ID, then commence and submit their application online. Payment is to be made via credit card during the application process.

From July 2018, we introduced some improvements to the online services portal to improve the efficiency of our systems and support more timely chemical assessment and registration decisions for everyone.

For new applications submitted via the online services portal, you’ll be asked to:

  • specify the file type for each file submitted. You’ll be asked to select from options provided including whether it’s an international assessment, international data with or without an international assessment, Australian data or another type of file.

If selecting international assessment as file type, before completing the application, you’ll also be asked to:

  1. declare whether all of the data submitted to the international body in support of the international assessment is included with your APVMA application, along with any other required data, and
  2. specify the country of origin of the international assessment (we accept international assessments from certain countries and official bodies).
  • for an item 21 & 22 applications, provide a reason if opting not to supply efficacy data. If you answer ‘no’ on the Efficacy screen you will be required to provide a reason before completing your application.

Tailored guidance material for applicants

Since September 2017 we've been?making registration easier with tailored guidance material that gives you the information you need to lodge your application with the right data and supporting evidence to meet APVMA criteria, before entering our online services portal. We are gradually releasing more guidance material for common types of new product and product variation applications.The tailored guidance materials are an alternative pathway to the existing decision tree, which is still available.


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